"Emma was a wonderful addition to my birth support system. She made us an awesome picture birth plan with all my preferences and even laminated it! My birth didn't go quite as planned. I hoped to go into labor naturally but due to having a small baby, they were calling IUGR I had to be induced. This meant no laboring at home, no water birth, and I was scared the labor would end up lasting days or even end in a C section. I truly believe having Emma as a doula allowed me to have shorter labor and vaginal birth. She supported me and my husband and gave us lots of ideas for dealing with intense contractions. The rebozo was an awesome tool and she even brought massagers and rubbed my back etc. She even brought a speaker for us to use. She advocated for us and got nurses into the room when we needed things. I'm very grateful we went with Emma as our doula."

Sydney Em.


"Emma really listened to my specific needs, I felt like she heard and understood exactly what I needed. She kept a good eye on me during labor, in terms of both comfort and hydration. She was also a great support for my partner, as this was our first child and neither of us had any idea what to expect."

Miranda M.

"Emma was an amazing support during our recent birth. She stepped in on short notice, and we immediately felt comfortable with her. Emma’s positivity, energy and creativity carried me through!"

Dikla N.

"Emma was so supportive throughout my entire pregnancy. She worked together with me to figure my ideal birth plan and how to make it happen. Not only did she emotionally and mentally support me through my rough pregnancy, but she was constantly trying to help me physically find ways to relieve back pain and make me more comfortable as I neared the end of my pregnancy. Unfortunately, I ended up having an emergency c-section a month early and Emma was unable to attend the physical birth, but that did not stop her from checking in on me and helping to make my postpartum journey as easy as possible.
Thank you for making me feel heard and supported through this scary journey, I couldn’t have done it without you!"

Katie W.

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