Rebozo! One of my favorite comfort tools

Teamwork makes the Dreamwork

I love this picture because it really shows that there is no 'I' in team. Everyone has a part to play in birth.

Baby B!

Baby B came in hurry and did not wait for anyone including her mamas doula! I was able to virtually help mom and dad until they arrived at the hospital.

Baby C!

I loved attending this birth it was a truly magical experience for everyone involved.

Baby Y!

Baby Y was the first birth I attended and I will never forget how lucky I felt to attend such a powerful birth.

PostPartum Meetings

I love visiting families a week or two after baby is born to see how everyone is settling in. Plus side is I get to cuddle with babies.

Doula Bag

The infamous doula bag. Every doula has one and no two are alike. This bag contains all the fun tricks and trades that I bring with me to each and everyone of my births.

From a beautiful birth center birth in Largo, FL

Setting the Mood

Nothing like some fairy lights to really get into that mediative state during labor.

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