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Being Pregnant During a Pandemic

Right now our new normal is not that normal. People walking around in masks, staying six feet apart from our loved ones, washing our hands 10x a day. There is an added pressure to be as careful as possible. Now imagine having all these added precautions on top of being pregnant. Pregnancy should be a happy time in people’s lives, people touching your belly, having gender reveals, and baby showers. For now, all of these activities have been put on hold. Pregnancy can feel more isolating than before.

We are so lucky to live in a world where there are literally virtually hundreds if not thousands of options to help pregnant people during this time. Find your local moms club and see what they are offering to people expecting. Many are hosting weekly virtual moms meetings. While your prenatal yoga studio might be closed, for now, check their site to see if they are offering virtual yoga sessions.

A lot of us have been hanging indoors watching tv, spending time on the couch or beds. There are many prenatal chiropractors right in Saint Pete that are still open and taking clients. Go for walks and listen to a new podcast or discover a new audiobook. If you are looking for a birth podcast there is a local podcast right here in Saint Pete called “Vaginas and Vertebrates” hosted by Dr. Madlyn at Atlas Chiropractic.

Remember that there are bigger things happening in this world than the virus. Remember that you are bringing a life into this world with millions of other women and men. Don’t forget about your local communities, your book clubs, your favorite park. They will all still be there not just for you, but for your baby and for your family.

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