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Delivery With A Splash

My latest birth was nothing short of amazing. Mom texted me around 11 PM saying she had slight contractions and that she lost her mucus plug, I told her to ignore them and to rest while she could. After watching the movie Hairspray, contractions got worse and it was not until 3:30 AM that mom and her partner were on their way to the birth center!

I met them there at 4 AM and tried to hold space for her and her partner early in the morning while she rested and we worked on ways to keep moving the baby down. We tried inversion poses such as cat-cow, slow dancing with her partner, and balancing on the birth ball.

Mom tried to stay as active as she could because it seemed that the baby really enjoyed it when she moved. We took full advantage of the peanut ball and ultimately mom and her partner spent about an hour in the shower relaxing and singing. The shower and running water helped the contractions slow down and let both mom and partner rest and enjoy their time together.

When it was time to start pushing we moved to the birthing tub where she stayed focus and was able to push out baby into the water, it was a beautiful sight to see!

This was the first water birth that I experienced, every birth I attend it reminds me why I chose to go into this field and how lucky I am that birthing people and their partners trust me to be apart of something so intimate in their lives.

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