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Five Benefits Of Hiring A Birth Doula

1. You’ll have an advocate: Doulas are here to help get your voice heard. Your voice is important because it is your body and your baby. It may be difficult to be a first-time parent or someone with a difficult delivery in the past, to speak up during their labor. Doulas are there to remind you that you do have a voice, that this is your delivery, and you are allowed to ask questions. We do not ask questions for our clients but we will be there to give you the confidence to ask the questions you need.

2. Education: There are foundations we learn on how to best serve our clients. One of these is how to educate our clients before, during, and after their labor. We are knowledgeable about several medical interventions that your doctor, nurse, or midwife might suggest. Doulas are able to tell you the pros and cons of most medical interventions and make sure you are asking your medical team the right questions. I can also educate you and your partner on certain comfort techniques that can help with labor while you are at home or at your birthing place of choice.

3. Extra Hands: Labor is a marathon, it is not a race. Everyone gets tired, they get run down, but we are all in it for the long run. Your doula will be there during your labor and up to an hour or two after your baby is delivered. I have been with birthing people who want minimal support and have been with ones who want me by their side the entire time. I am there not only for you but for your partner as well.

4. Birth Planning and Support: You will meet with your doula hopefully before your birth and discuss what your ideal birth looks like to you. Dim lights, music playing, certain medical interventions. These are all things that are discussed in a prenatal meeting. These are important because it will give everyone on your team an outline and understanding of what you want during your labor. A doula is there to help organize your thoughts and prepare you mentally before going into labor.

5. Lower Risk Births: It has been proven that women who have a birth doula at their labor have had a lower c-section rate and less chance of vaginal tearing. The reason for this is because we have the knowledge to educate our clients on what is right for their bodies. Our goal is for all our clients and babies to have a healthy delivery. We know the correct laboring positions, and comfort measures that can help you deliver healthily and safely.

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