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Meditative Mama

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

This birth was an incredible one to witness. I met mom and her husband prior to this birth at their favorite sushi place, I thought it funny considering she couldn’t eat sushi! During this meeting we talked what her ideal birth looked like. She focused mostly on her yogic breathing, and her love for crystals. She had a healthy pregnancy and was focused on having a medical free intervention birth. I arrived at the hospital the morning of her birth and was welcomed with a full table of every snack you could possibly imagine, they were ready for the long haul and so was I.

Mom and dad were an amazing team and there was some beautiful moments of them working through contractions on their own. She had her own way of getting into the zone and really focusing on her breath. I was so impressed that a first time mama was so confident and really rocked her way through this birth, she also had an excellent birth playlist I was very happy to have my wireless speaker with me. She delivered a beautiful baby girl at 9:37 at night. I was so proud of the team that we had created in that hospital room. Baby was born into a beautiful and welcoming world.






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