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My First Birth

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

My first client was a surprise to both of us! Her original doula came down with a stomach bug and was unable to attend her birth. Mom reached out to a local doula community while I was living in NJ and I was able to come on short notice. I met mom and her husband around 2AM. The room was dark and had a very peaceful energy. Mom and I spent the night walking the halls and getting to know each other. Her and her husband were from Brooklyn and moved to New Jersey with their three children and senior dog. She was happy to work with a doula student like myself because she has worked with student doulas during her past labors.

It was my first birth experience and her fourth! I want to be honest and let you know that I had a million different emotions going on in my head. I was nervous, scared, excited, happy. This woman was so kind and really knew how to advocate for herself during her labor. She was open to the comfort techniques that I suggested and was able to have her fourth natural delivery. She delivered a healthy beautiful boy and I was so proud of her, her husband, and myself.






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