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Spiritual World and The Birthing World

It has been said that there is a thin veil between the spiritual world and the birthing world. That each phase of labor the birthing person dives deeper and deeper into the spiritual world.

The first Stage of labor, when you are still laboring either by yourself or with your partner, it is still quite, the energy is calm. This is when you first enter the veil of the spiritual world.

Active Stage, you are between the two worlds of spiritual and birthing worlds. This is when your rituals and rhythms begin. Your partner or your doula may be more hands-on as you concentrate on your patterns while laboring. It has been said that all other women that are birthing at the same time are with you.

Transition, Birthing people from the past, your mom, grandma, ancestors are in the spiritual world guiding you through the transition phase of your labor. This is when you will start pushing, think of the women that are pushing with you at the same time! Think about the women in your past that pushed before you and the women that will meet their baby after you.

The second stage latent and active, The birthing waves and contractions will start coming and start becoming more intense until you start feeling the need to bear down.

Birth and Emergence, you will be coming back to the earthside, the birthing side once your baby is born. The women that were with you, along with your doula and partner will help guide you back to Earth where you will meet your baby.

Third Stage, placenta and completion you will most likely be holding your baby while birth your placenta.

Fourth Stage, postpartum and weaving, this is when we are fully back down to Earth. We are able to communicate and tell our loved ones the birth story.

I personally love the visuals and the support that the journey of the spiritual world can provide for birthing people. It is a comfort to know that along with the support of doulas, partners, and midwives, we have past generations of birthing people supporting us throughout this journey

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