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Virtual Doula

As we all know, not all births go exactly as planned, and this birth was no exception! My client and I met previously and wrote down her ideal birth plan. She wanted to play cards and watch The Office to distract herself as much as possible. She wanted me to be there not only to support her but for her partner as well. She had a healthy pregnancy until the end when she was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia. At her last doctors meeting it was made clear that baby Brooklyn was ready to come and meet the world!

Mom had an emergency c-birth and was only allowed to have dad with her during the birth. Although I was not able to attend I was on the phone with mom and dad until they arrived at the hospital. I was able to give them comfort techniques and words of advice until they reached the hospital. Although her birth story was not exactly what she has pictured, she still delivered a beautiful baby girl.






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