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"Emma was an amazing support during our recent birth. She stepped in on short notice, and we immediately felt comfortable with her. Emma’s positivity, energy and creativity carried me through!"

Dikla N.

Tropical Leaves 3

"Emma is a wonderful, attentive, and resourceful doula! We were so glad to have her as part of our birth team. Unfortunately, our baby was breech and I ended up having a cesarian birth at the hospital, which Emma was not permitted to attend due to Covid restrictions. However leading up to the birth and during the postpartum period, Emma was a pleasure to work with.


  My husband and I met up with Emma several times to discuss the pregnancy and how to alleviate aches and pains as well as to practice labor positions and other pain management techniques. I particularly appreciated the little things Emma was attentive to (e.g. she created a lovely labor playlist and made other recommendations on how to have a positive birthing experience).

  When we found out the baby was breech, she gave us several resources on how we might be able to turn it. Leading up to the cesarian, she was in constant communication with my husband and I via text to provide additional support. We highly recommend her to anyone looking for a calm, attentive, and resourceful doula."


Julia H. 

"I hired Emma as a birth doula. She was so helpful in answering all of my questions and checking in on me during my pregnancy! During each of our visits and labor, she made a point to include my partner and help him feel comfortable. Emma was incredible during labor, offering both physical and emotional support. She reminded me to move around and change positions and supported me 100% when I needed to make changes to my birth plan. Emma is the best!"

Hannah C. 

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